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My Yamaha Raptor 350!!


My 4-wheeler as you can tell is a Yamaha Raptor 350!! It is my pride and joy! I got it almost 2 years ago for my birthday! It is really special to me because I was never allowed to have any kind of 4-wheeler or dirtbike when I was younger. But now I have one that is all mine and NO ONE can take it away from me!!! I ride it almost every weekend! I usually only go riding in the mud because it is really fun to get all those other wussies that ride 4x4's muddy by spinning mud on them!! (Yes I am talking about Lank and Alex!! LOL!!)

Dirty 4-Wheeler2 Dirty 4-Wheeler


Here are some pictures of my muddy 4-wheeler after a hard day riding and making everyone else muddy!!! LOL!!

Clean 4-Wheeler2 Clean 4-Wheeler4

Here are some pictures of what my "True Blue Baby" is suppose to look like!! Isn't she beautiful?!?!